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Snoring is common, sometimes serious, and usually treatable.


Surveys show that 40% of American adults snore frequently. The same factors that promote obstructive sleep apnea also promote snoring. These include weight gain, alcohol use, and certain types of jaw anatomy.
Sometimes Serious
Snoring can be a sign that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is present. Thus, snoring should not be viewed lightly, nor treated as a joke.
  • 25% of snorers have OSA
  • 75% of snorers do not have OSA

  • 70% of persons with OSA snore
  • 30% of persons with OSA do not snore
Two Patients
Snoring can also disrupt sleep in people nearby the snorer. The "snoring spouse syndrome" affects 20% of women in the United States.

Treating snoring can improve sleep in the bed-partner. After studying women sleeping with their snoring husband, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that treating the husband's snoring resulted in:

  • 62 extra minutes of sleep each night for the wife.
  • half as many awakenings for the wife during the night.
A separate page reviews snoring treatments in adults.

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