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Hundreds of anti-snoring inventions have been proposed, many of dubious value. Several effective treatments are available, however.
  • Many, but not all, cases of snoring are related to weight gain. Losing weight can be a very effective form of snoring therapy.

  • In cases where a person snores only while on their back, snoring can be treated by keeping the person off their back. The simplest type of "positional therapy" is putting a tennis ball in a sock, and pinning the sock to the back of the person's pajama top.

  • In more advanced cases of snoring, positional therapy ceases to work: the person snores in all positions. In such cases, an oral appliance which repositions the tongue or the jaw can be tried. Some appliances are available over-the-counter, and some appliances must be dispensed by dentists.

    Many authorities recommend routine assessment for sleep apnea after oral appliance therapy has been applied. See the caution below.

  • Surgery is a highly effective treatment for snoring. In children, removing the tonsils and adenoids is the most common type of surgery. In adults, a variety of surgical procedures are used.

    In addition to the obvious pain and discomfort of the operation, there are other complications which should be discussed with the surgeon.

    Many authorities recommend routine assessment for sleep apnea after anti-snoring surgery. See the caution below.

Further information is available on the sleep apnea treatment page of the Apneos web site.


Snoring, and certain details of snoring, can be a valuable early-warning alarm that sleep apnea is present. Treating snoring can remove this warning system.

Thus, when surgery or oral appliances are used to treat snoring, it is advisable to check for sleep apnea on a regular basis afterwards.

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