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What is AcuSleep?
AcuSleep is an in-home, by-mail, sleep-testing service. It is available without a prescription.
Why is sleep testing important?
Sleep has a profound effect on health and well-being. For example, children have developed learning deficits, behavior problems, and a syndrome resembling attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder -- just because of severe snoring.

Most sleep problems are treatable -- once they are known.

But knowing when someone has a sleep problem is difficult because people cannot know the details of their own sleep. Without testing, doctors have very little information to go on when making decisions about sleep illnesses.

Won't the doctor to bring up sleep testing if it's important?
Sleep medicine is a new field. Most physicians, even excellent ones, have little training in the field -- and it shows.

For example, only 15% of pediatricians regularly inquire about snoring in adolescents during well-child examinations.

More disturbingly, the average delay before diagnosing sleep apnea in one group of children was 3.3 years.

In-home sleep testing provides objective, reliable data about sleep. These data can be the key to a fruitful discussion with your doctor.

Is testing really necessary? Can't I just watch my child or spouse sleep?
Information from bed-partners or parents can be useful, but is often unreliable, since (a) these are not trained observers, and (b) these people are themselves trying (or wishing) to sleep at the same time.

Compared to watching or tape-recording someone's sleep, the AcuSleep system has many important advantages. These advantages concern the data collected, the analysis of the data, and the convenience of the process.

Who should be tested?
Children. The American Academy of Pediatrics' formal guideline says: "All children should be screened for snoring." Some experts add: "An assessment of sleep patterns and possible sleep problems should be part of the evaluation of every child presenting with behavioral and/or academic problems, especially Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)."

Adults. Medical science still debates which adults should be tested. Common sense, however, would test any adult showing a symptom or sign of a sleep problem, as well as those at risk. This approach would include persons who are tired, sleepy, overweight, obese, snore, have high blood pressure, have angina, have survived a heart attack or stroke, or have heart failure. Most adults probably fall into one or more of these categories!

How does the AcuSleep service work?
A testing package is mailed to your home. The package contains easy-to-use recording equipment and supplies that you (or your child) will sleep with. The equipment looks like a Sony Walkman(R) or an MP3 player. After recording a night's sleep, mail everything back to AcuSleep in the pre-paid mailer. In just a few days you will get a printed report and CD-ROM containing the results of the test.
Are there other types of sleep testing?
Yes, and each measures somewhat different characteristics of sleep from the others. But AcuSleep is the only 8-hour validated measurement of sleep conducted in your home that is available without a prescription.
What does the AcuSleep test measure?
The AcuSleep test records breathing sounds, body position, and arm movement.

From this information, AcuSleep prepares a report detailing:

  • How much snoring occurred,
  • When during the night snoring occurred,
  • The relationship of body position to snoring
  • A prediction of how changing body position might reduce snoring,
  • A diagram of sleeping position throughout the night,
  • A diagram of arm movements throughout the night,
  • Restlessness and tranquility during the night.
Using the CD-ROM that comes with every AcuSleep test, you can listen to the breathing sounds that were recorded during any part of the test.
Why make the entire study available for listening on the CD-ROM?
"Hearing is believing."TM In many homes, a person may not believe he or she snores based on a spouse's claims. The AcuSleep CD-ROM can settle the matter quickly.

In some cases it may be possible to listen to selected breathing sounds and extract information beyond the presence or absence of snoring or normal breathing.

Does AcuSleep diagnose disease?
No. AcuSleep assesses several characteristics of sleep. Only your doctor can diagnose diseases such as sleep apnea.

There is evidence, however, that severe snoring, especially in children, is associated with adverse outcomes in learning ability and behavior even when sleep apnea is absent.

What do I need to get an AcuSleep test?
No computer or computer knowledge is needed. All you need is a mailbox!
Is the AcuSleep test safe?
Yes, the AcuSleep test is safe when used as directed. The recording equipment is powered by 2 AA batteries (included) and resembles a Sony Walkman(R) or an MP3 player. See our caution list for more information.
Is the AcuSleep test accurate?
Yes, the AcuSleep test is accurate when used as directed. A study found 95% agreement between the AcuSleep snoring-detection algorithm and the judgement of physicians and dentists.
How do I order an AcuSleep test?
Order on-line at the AcuSleep Store .

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