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Information we collect on-line
If you send us email, you will normally also be sending us your email return-address. Please be aware that email is not more private than sending postal mail.

If you ask to be notified of product announcements, you will be furnishing us with your email address, and perhaps other information.

If you make a purchase you will be supplying us with credit card information and personally identifying information.

Because we use certain services from Yahoo!, you should read their privacy statement, which is on another page. In addition, Yahoo! makes the following statement about security during the payment process:

The Order Form pages for all Yahoo! Stores are served through a secure https connection using 128-bit SSL v2/v3 encryption. We encrypt credit card information when a shopper enters the credit card number in the web browser, when it is sent to our server, and finally when it is sent from our server [to] the merchant.
[Accessed 4 August 04 from:]
Information we collect as part of AcuSleep Testing
A person who undergoes an AcuSleep test will supply us with much information about themself. By this we mean that, as part of its normal function, the AcuSleep test collects much physiological data from the person's body, e.g. sound, motion, and time information.

We request additional information about the person who undergoes AcuSleep testing. Specifically, we request information that could help in the interpretation of the test's results. Examples of this information include time zone, age, sex, height, weight, and sleep-related information. Supplying this information is optional; the test will be processed whether or not this information is supplied.

Note that the additional information we request is not generally able to identify someone personally. Thus, although we collect personally identifiable information about whoever pays on-line for the AcuSleep test (see previous section), we do not normally collect personally identifiable information about the person who actually undergoes the test. Consequently, we ordinarily will not know who undergoes AcuSleep testing, unless there is some extra communication from you to us.

What we do with collected information
Received email messages are used to respond directly to your questions, comments, or requests. We may also file your comments to improve the site and program, or review and discard the information. Your personal information is only shared with third parties with your explicit permission.

If you ask to be notified of product announcements, we will not intentionally share your email address or your name (if furnished) with third parties without your explicit permission.

Credit card information is not divulged to third parties, except as necessary to perform business transactions directly connected with AcuSleep tests.

It is our policy that the written and physiological information supplied in direct connection with AcuSleep testing will not be divulged to third parties in a personally identifiable way (unless required by law). The phrase "personally identifiable" is important. AcuSleep reserves the right to use such written and physiological information for its own purposes, including research and publication, so long as such information is not publicly associated with information that would identify the supplier of the information with a reasonable degree of confidence. For example, we might post a 1-minute snippet of audio data from a study and note that it was obtained from a 34 year old man 72 inches tall, weighing approximately 260 pounds. Because there are many men of that age, height, and weight in the United States, that set of information is not personally identifying.

If you make (or begin) a purchase on, we will use cookies to simplify the process. Cookies are not set elsewhere on the web site.
Notes about email
Any email that you create or receive on your employer's computer or through your employer's network may be the legal property of your employer. Your employer may review and save email transmissions or turn them over in response to a legal subpoena.

Keep in mind that if you email an article about a medical condition to a friend who receives email at a work address, you could be revealing sensitive information about your friend's medical condition or health interests to that friend's employer. We urge you to use your best judgment whenever you communicate with email.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, information on how to reach us is available on the Contact Us page.

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