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The AcuSleep test is simply the best non-prescription method to discover what someone's sleep is really like.

Just Watching Your Child Does Not Work

Proper sleep assessment requires hours of careful observation.

Watching sleep for a few minutes may be misleading, because sleep changes profoundly from hour to hour and minute to minute.

An expert in sleep medicine says:

   "Unless parents stay up or wake up to observe their child during the second half of the night, they may be unaware of the severity of their child's [sleep breathing problems]."  

AcuSleep stays up all night, so you don't have to!

Tape Recording Doesn't Work

For decades, doctors have asked parents and other adults to tape record the sounds of their child, husband, or wife sleeping.

The expert in sleep medicine, however, says:

"Simple audiotape recordings, although touted by some as useful for detecting sleep-disordered breathing in children, are probably not useful, and may be misleading."

The AcuSleep Advantage
AcuSleep has many advantages over tape recording and direct observation, including:
  • Duration and quality of data that are collected,
  • The quality and thoroughness of the analysis, and
  • Convenience.
The table below provides more detail.
AcuSleep Tape Recording
Data Records 8 hours of data Records 1 or 2 hours
Records 3 data types:
- Sound
- Position
- Movement
Records sound only
Records sounds of every breath Records only loud breathing sounds
Analysis Detailed computer analysis of all data No computer analysis -- doctor listens to just a few minutes
Compact, visual output of all data No visual output of data
Doctor can review visual output quickly and easily Slow for doctor to listen to sound recording
Can quickly listen to any part of the sound recording Must rewind and fast-forward to find particular part of the recording
Printed report and CD-ROM are convenient long-term records Impractical as permanent record
Convenience Everything you need is provided You must locate supplies
AcuSleep can send copy of report and CD-ROM directly to doctor You must copy tape and deliver or mail it to doctor
When you need to know, AcuSleep is the only choice.

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