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What You Get
The results of your AcuSleep test will be sent to you by first-class mail. The results will include:
  • A printed color report and
  • A CD-ROM containing:
    • An electronic copy of the printed report (in PDF format);
    • A short summary report to share with a physician;
    • Audio of all breathing sounds made during the test;
    • Visual summaries of the breathing sounds.
Sample Report
A sample of the printed report will soon be available here.

Examples of audio breathing recordings are in the the AcuSleep Gallery. (Requires Quicktime .)

System Requirements
To access all of the results on the CD-ROM, your computer system will require:
Some Limitations
  • Interpretation: AcuSleep cannot help you interpret the results of your test beyond the report you receive. We strongly recommend you discuss questions with a physician or other qualified health care provider.
  • Duplicate Reports: For protection of your privacy, if you order a duplicate report or CD-ROM after we have mailed out your originals, we will require you to furnish your original credit card information as an authentication.
  • Please see the customer service agreement for other limitations.

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