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We recommend that all adults who snore get the AcuSleep test and share the results with their doctor.

Snoring signals a high risk for the serious disease called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Unfortunately, 90% of people with OSA are not diagnosed,  because doctors hesitate to order the expensive, definitive test that diagnoses it.

So, even if you have classic signs of OSA, it may take something extra to convince your doctor to order the definitive test.

Snoring information provided by AcuSleep testing can be that something extra:

  • AcuSleep testing counts snores and the time of snoring all night.
  • AcuSleep testing correlates snoring and body position.
  • AcuSleep provides a complete, easy-to-read printed report of the test.
  • AcuSleep provides a CD-ROM so you and your doctor can listen to any or all breathing sounds made during the test.
With the snoring information provided by the AcuSleep test, you and your doctor may be able to better decide on simple treatments for your snoring, or if further sleep testing is warranted.

Background information follows.

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

From 70% to 95% of adult OSA patients snore,  and about 25% of adult habitual-snorers have OSA.

Another page has more information on the relationship between snoring and sleep apnea.

OSA is greatly under-diagnosed
Although OSA is a serious, common, and treatable disease, it is greatly under-diagnosed.

About 90% of people with OSA do not know they have it. These undiagnosed people suffer unnecessarily, in many ways.

Physicians order too few sleep tests
Diagnosing OSA is expensive and inconvenient. The only accepted method is a complicated test called a polysomnogram (PSG). A PSG typically costs $1500, requires approval from the insurance company, and entails a 30-day wait.  At one Veterans Hospital, 700 people are waiting for a PSG in the sleep center.

As a result, even the best physicians order sleep studies only when they must -- in severe obvious cases of OSA. Milder and less obvious cases of OSA therefore go undiagnosed.

The AcuSleep test measures snoring-related data. It does not itself diagnose OSA.

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