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AcuSleep is simply the most reliable, private, and convenient way to determine whether (and how much) you snore.

Snoring information provided by AcuSleep testing is complete and comprehensive:

  • AcuSleep testing counts snores and the time of snoring all night.
  • AcuSleep testing correlates snoring and body position.
  • AcuSleep provides a complete, easy-to-read printed report of the test.
  • AcuSleep provides a CD-ROM so you and your doctor can listen to any or all breathing sounds made during the test.
With the snoring information provided by the AcuSleep test, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your snoring through simple measures such as alcohol restriction, exercise, weight loss, nasal decongestants, and so on.

Additionally, with the snoring information provided by the AcuSleep test, you and your doctor may be able to better decide on other treatments for your snoring, or if further sleep testing is warranted.

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