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Childhood snoring has been covered by the following major news organizations:

ABC News - June 4, 2001 A Snorer's Disadvantage:
Early Childhood Snoring Has Irreversible Effect

"Snoring during early childhood may hamper school performance and cognitive abilities for a lifetime."

CNN - April 1, 2001 Children's snoring may indicate a serious problem.

Science News - Sept. 13, 2003 Grades slipping? Check for snoring

Reuters - July 12, 2004 Kids who snore may have learning problems

WebMD - August 11, 2003 Children Who Snore May Have Asthma

"Snoring among Preschoolers Linked to Asthma, Nighttime Cough"

Australasian Science - Jan./Feb. 2003 Snoring Children Have Lowest Intelligence Level

New York Daily News - August 21, 2003 Waking up to the dangers of snoring in kids

CBS News - March 3, 2002 Study Links Snoring, Attention Disorders

"Children who snore face nearly double the risk of being inattentive and hyperactive."

CNN - March 3, 2003 Is your child hyperactive or just tired?

Johns Hopkins Health News Feed - May 16, 2002 Sawing wood: childhood snoring could be a marker for destructive sleep apnea

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